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Request Tracker

You know how hard you work, but does your boss have any idea?

Are the solutions to complex problems recorded and available for future reference, or is this knowledge lost over time, forcing you to reinvent the wheel?

Are customer requests and suggestions acted on in a timely manner, or are they neglected because you have no good way to track them?

Request Tracker is a Help Desk database system that allows you to store and retrieve all pertinent information about customer requests. Track who requested what and when they requested it, what was done to address the request, who handled the request and how much time it took them. If you charge customers for the requests you handle, Request Tracker will allow you to calculate charges, print bills and track payments.

Request Tracker is easy to use -- one screen records all information about a single request. Extensive search capabilities allow you to use the program's database to identify similar problems or requests that were handled in the past, making the solutions instantly available.

New in version 3.1: There are now "inactive" fields to flag staff or customers who will no longer be associated with new requests. We have added an Archive/Purge capability and the option to open archive files. Version 3.1 now includes a new more powerful search function with the ability to search any data field.

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