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Property Management Products

CyberNiche Software has developed several programs that property managers use to efficiently track all the information that goes with managing business, rental, residential, and commercial properties.

Request Tracker and web based Any Request are used to track work requests and status.

PMaint Preventive Maintenance Scheduler is used to track the regular upkeep needed on properties and allows printing of work orders to insure the work is done properly.

The Keys Program is used by property managers to track all the keys that go along with having properties -- who has the keys, when they have the keys, what the keys do, etc.

Additionally, CyberNiche Software can customize any of these programs to fit your specific property needs.

Download and try out any of these programs to see how easily all your property information can be tracked! Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or require customizations to make the software fit your needs perfectly.

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