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Any Request

Any Request is a web-based database system that allows you to store and retrieve all pertinent information about customer requests. Track who requested what and when they requested it, what was done to address the request, and who handled the request. Any Request also has the ability to automatically send e-mail messages to notify staff and customers on the status of requests.

Any Request is easy to use
One page records all information about a single request. Search capabilities allow you to use the program's database to identify similar problems or requests that were handled in the past, making the solutions instantly available. Summary reports allow you to easily quantify how your department's workload grows over time.

We have had years of experience providing request tracking and help desk software with our PC based Request Tracker program. One of the enhancements most frequently requested by our customers is a web-based version. We are now pleased to offer a new web application that preserves the simplicity and ease of use of Request Tracker and is an ideal solution for people working from different sites or where the installation of PC-based software on a local network is impractical.

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