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CyberNiche Software provides quality software for business and home. We believe that powerful software can still be easy to use.

Browse the list of our products below for a quick guide to the available software for business and home, and click program names for more detailed information.

Business Products

PMaint Rely on PMaint Preventive Maintenance Scheduler to quickly and easily build a database of regularly-occurring preventive maintenance tasks that need to be performed for your business.
PMaint allows you to schedule, delegate, print work orders, track costs associated with regular maintenance tasks, etc., while maintaining an easy to use format.
Request Tracker Request Tracker is a help desk/knowledge base system with custom reporting and work order printing. If you perform any kind of work in response to customer requests, Request Tracker can organize your workload and preserve solutions for future reference.
All Asset Tracker All Asset Tracker is a professional asset management system for companies of any size.
Any Request Any Request -- our web-based system for tracking customer requests and the response of your staff. Try the online demo or request a 30 day free trial.
Judicial Offense Tracker Judicial Offense Tracker is an easy to use database for judicial officers and judicial affairs offices at schools, colleges and universities to track student cases. It can also be used by any organization that needs to track offences committed by people and the resulting penalties.
The Keys Program How well does your company or organization keep track of the keys that are issued to employees or volunteers? The Keys Program can help!

Home Products

All Home Inventory All Home Inventory, an easy to use database program that allows you to quickly build a permanent record of your property and its value. You can even store digital images of your assets in your database!
The Seed Program Planning a garden? The Seed Program will help you decide what to plant and when to plant it.
The Books Program Avid collectors know how valuable the PC can be in keeping track of an extensive collection, but you need the right software. Whether you collect Coins, Stamps, or Movies, CyberNiche Software has the software that will help you bring order to chaos. If you're an avid reader, The Books Program will help you to organize your personal library.

If your business has been struggling with software that is not a perfect fit for your needs, CyberNiche Software can help by providing exactly what you need at a reasonable cost. Ask about our custom programming services.

Property Managers -- We've got software to make your job so much easier!

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PMaintRely on PMaint Preventive Maintenance Scheduler to easily schedule tasks to be performed weekly, monthly, quarterly or on any other schedule. PMaint allows you to track the employees and supervisors responsible for work.
The Keys ProgramTrack keys or other items issued to employees or volunteers associated with your organization using The Keys Program. Record the dates that keys were issued and returned. Insure the safe return of sensitive items.

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